James Malone

At the age of 19, James moved from his native London to Malaga, Spain for an opportunity to work as an English speaking administrator for a Spanish textile house.

Not knowing exactly what he wanted out of his career, it was then; James discovered his passion and love for colours and fabrics.

He quickly realised he wanted to be part of this exciting world of texture and design. Within a year James went from an office administrator to working closely with mills, dyeing houses and finishers for the companies’ own collections.

James allowed himself no limitations to his creative skills and imagination, driving him to experiment with unusual and new techniques, to unveil a whole new variety of finishes to his own unique fabrics.

After 14 years of establishing himself and mastering all areas of the textile industry, James now owns the textile house in Malaga, which has now extended its collection worldwide, finding his very own mark of creativity, with his signature brand James Malone Fabrics.

James continues to be deeply involved in every aspect of the business and as a result, James Malone Fabrics retains its personal touch.


For more info visit http://www.jamesmalonefabrics.com/en/