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Troscan operates from a 15500 square foot facility on Chicago’s West Side. In addition to an in-house team of woodworkers, finishers, and fabricators, we partner with local independent master craftspeople and expert rural workshops to realize our designs at the highest level. Between our relatively limited production runs and the attention to detail that can only be achieved through close collaboration among a small cadre of like-minded individuals, Troscan produces thoughtfully designed and exceptionally executed products of enduring value.


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Stretch out your hand. Bend a couple of fingers out of sight and what you have left is approximately the number of family owned and operated firms still producing traditionally crafted furniture in America. One of them has been around for over eight decades, Bright Chair Company. Founded as a shop in which dedicated artisans could practice their time-honored skills without compromise, Bright established a unique reputation for creating individual pieces to suit individual needs. Today Bright maintains both its commitment to the finest hand craftsmanship, and its ability to customize each piece to the client’s personal specification. Run your eyes over a Bright piece and you see the difference. Run your hand over one and you feel it. More than the look of great tradition honed to a modern sensibility. The tradition itself.

As the founder and owner of Anees Upholstery, Anees Jaber is highly experienced in custom furniture manufacturing. When it comes to creating custom furniture, it is his belief that visual appeal is as important as comfort and function. His direction is a key component in developing furniture that lasts for generations.
Sutherland Furniture is handcrafted from sustainable sources by carefully selecting global manufacturing partners. They emphasize meticulous attention to details resulting in elegant construction, exquisite joinery, and a brilliant range of finishes. By employing expert craftsmen with passion for unparalleled perfection, and partnering with renowned international designers, Sutherland Furniture has become the leader in luxury performance outdoor design.
Over the past decade, self-taught duo Daniel Hellman and Eric Chang have lead the industry in defining new American Luxury Furnishings. Known for their sleek, timeless and unique designs, the Hellman-Chang line offers little compromise for craftsmanship and expansive bespoke capabilities for the Interior Design trade. After helping establish and embody the “Brooklyn Renaissance” with their bench-made collection, the company has expanded its production into a new 32,000 square foot facility in Dawsonville, Georgia, where they are digging roots within the growing artisan American community.
The intertwining of the four classical elements—fire, water, earth and air—is a constant source of inspiration to the design and philosophies of John Pomp. Be it a ripple on the ocean or the swelling of a bubble, his sculptural pieces mimic the wondrous geometry that exists, often unnoticed, in the natural world.
Verellen, established in 1999, out of the creative minds of Tom & Sabine Verellen, has grown to be a name in the furniture industry by keeping true to their family values of kindness, honesty, and savoir-faire, which have been built into their products. Custom made furniture with distinctive details, elegant lines, made with authentic materials. Conceived in Belgium, perfected in America.
Partners Jeff Behnke and Roland Zehetbauer have developed a multifaceted design approach: They develop visual design concepts balanced with functionality, and produce these pieces with superior structural integrity. Every line, joint and surface, reflects an ongoing quest for perfection. The partners strive to make each new design available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to offer clients a broad selection. Drawing on an enormous historic repertoire of styles, finishes and techniques, the partners are known to explore the surprises of inspiration, which often lend a clever, innovative aspect to their work.
OCHRE creates objects of style and beauty which are both timeless and contemporary. The collection consists of furniture, lighting and accessories with emphasis on the use of high quality craftsmanship. The simplicity and honesty of form, together with the luxurious materials, result in an understated elegance which has become the signature of OCHRE.  
Tuell & Reynolds embraces both time honored and disappearing hand techniques and modern technology: A pitch pot and chasing tools occupy space next to the 3D printer, hand drawn designs tinted with watercolor and computer modeled renderings are used in harmony, a digital scanner is used to enlarge a hand sculpted wax maquette.
Peter Salgado and Kip Saucier are the founders of Salgado~Saucier. Salgado includes lighting, furniture, and accessories. The brand’s design inspiration includes vintage Hollywood films, modern art, jewelry, and mid-20th-century furniture, including the master works of Jean-Michel Frank, Gio Ponti, Tommi Parzinger and the like.
Robert Kuo offers a wide variety of decorative objects, from small tabletop pieces to furniture and large landscaping elements. The work can be seen around the world, from the National History Museum in Taipei to exclusive hotels like the Singapore Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco’s Hotel Palomar, Las Vegas MGM Grand Villas and New York Four Seasons.
For the past 33 years, Tucker Robbins’ passion has been bringing the spirit and craft from traditional artisans to contemporary life. By combining ancient techniques and iconic forms, he creates furniture that is both modern and timeless. He has created thriving artisan workshops in Guatemala, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Cameroon, working with sustainably harvested or reclaimed materials. Through his support of indigenous cultures and traditional handcraft he has formed partnerships with tribal chiefs, Arabian sheikhs, and village artisans around the world. The result is a collection of furniture with a spirit and life of its own.
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The JOHN LYLE collection features handmade sculptural pieces created from hand-cast bronze, steel, wood, lacquer, eggshell, shagreen and parchment. Sold exclusively through top high-end showrooms in the United States, his designs are collected worldwide by connoisseurs and coveted for their chic silhouette, use of luxe materials and impeccable craftsmanship. Custom designs are encouraged and interpreted with flair and expertise.  
The Hélène Aumont Collection bespeaks a life rich in travel and adventure, a life touched with insouciance, good humor, and charm. While the inspirations for the furniture and lighting fixtures vary, each piece joins stylish simplicity with luxury and drama, producing a collection of furnishings for today’s chic interiors. Individual pieces may meld the refinement of French 1940s Classicism with the theatrics of baroque Italy, or the bold lines and curves of Renaissance design with the rigor of the Directoire, or the attention to detail of haute couture with an easy, masculine bent. Much gratitude is extended to the talented family of artisans and craftspeople dedicated for more than a decade, without whom the preceding collection would not have been possible.
At Elan Atelier, sublime products are handcrafted with artistry for a modern world. Founded in 2014 by Alison Legge and Christopher Noto, Elan Atelier is driven by a deep appreciation of traditional methods, noble materials and modern innovation. Notable clients include Aman Resorts, Four Seasons Hotels and the GHM Hotel Group. Their projects have been featured in several publications, including Architectural Digest and Elle Decor.
Oso Creations is a diverse concrete product line that includes furniture and cast tiles made from cast or trowel-polished concrete. It includes the popular “Rollerboy,” a low cylinder on wheels with a hand-trowelled concrete finish that can serve as a chair, table, or ottoman. We also introduced the “Aperiodix” wall system, a set of cast concrete triangles that are laid out as interlocking geometric tiles to create custom walls for commercial and residential users. Oso Creations also collaborates with architects and designers to create custom furniture pieces.